Our drive to be the best is set in stone.

Since 1999, Rock Materials has been serving the Texas residential and commercial building industries with one goal, to provide the best customer experience. Our mission is simple, build strong relationships with our employees and customers. We do this by delivering unmatched service with safety, speed, reliability, agility, and most importantly integrity. Over the last twenty years, we built the reputation as the leader in quality, price, and service. Bottom-line: Exceeding the expectations of our customers is our business.


At Rock Materials, we are not satisfied until we have exceeded our customers’ expectations. With countless years of industry expertise, we offer the fastest and most cost-effective solutions that are delivered on time and within budget. We are flexible and make doing business with us easy.

An order can be any amount of stone in tons or square feet. We do not put limits on what you need to complete your project.


As the premier stone and masonry supplier, we carefully select our natural stone from the best quarries in the region. Durability and strength are only the beginning. Our variety of shades, textures, and finishes will capture the essence of your design. From rustic to refined, modern to majestic, our quality stone and masonry supplies are the finest in the industry.

Stone Selection

We know natural stone and material selection are key to residential and commercial builders. Rock Materials sources your building materials from several quarries and manufacturers across the state and region. In addition to our numerous options of natural stone, we also have several manufactured stones and cast stone options.

Masonry Supplies

You are only as good as the tools and resources you have available. That is why Rock Materials specializes in masonry supplies. Over the years we have come to know that mortar, angle iron, and specialty items are necessary to complete a job. One call does it all and Rock Materials can deliver what you need, when you need it, with no exceptions.

Our Values

The Rock Materials' values have played a crucial role in our growth as an organization. Our values are important because they guide us and keep us focused toward the common goal of serving our employees and customers.

As we grow beyond the Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston markets, our vision is to be the #1 preferred natural stone and masonry supplier. For any questions, please send a message to Rock Materials.